Halloween Sale! and new Grim Reaper Plush pattern 💀

Sew Desu Ne?

Hi everyone! I’m having a Halloween sale from now through the 13th! Everything is at least 20% off and all spooky patterns are 30% off, including a new pattern 🖤

I’ve had a lot of requests for a Grim Reaper, and Halloween seemed like the perfect time to create one! I really enjoyed the chubby Plague Doctor I created last year, so I decided to make this pattern a similar format. The main pattern is for a chubby little doll with a removable robe and scythe. You can make the chubby doll into a human skeleton (complete with cartoony skull head), kitty skeleton (with tiny fangs!), or a regular kitty. The robe has options to fit the extra kitty ears and tail.

But I’m often asked, “Will these work with your other doll patterns?” So suppose you’ve already collected some of my previous doll patterns? Like the Anthro…

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